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Cambridge Castles requires a SIGNED copy of the Terms and Conditions together with the Disclaimer and FULL payment before the date of your hire.


You can download the document for children's bouncy castle hire in full by clicking here


CHILDREN'S CASTLE HIRE: The following safety instructions are incorporated into our Terms and Conditions of hire:


1. Our equipment has an age limit, no child under the age of 4 years old should be using our children's castles and nobody over the age of 14 on our equipment.


2. Strictly no food, drinks or chewing gum and any other hazardous choking opportunities to be on or near our equipment.


3. If our equipment is collected in a dirty condition, then the client responsible for hiring the castle will incur a reasonable cleaning charge.


4. All glasses, jewellery, badges and particularly SHOES are all to be removed before using our equipment.


5. No smoking, barbeques or flammable objects near the equipment.


6. A responsible adult(s) must be supervising the use of the equipment at all times!


7. A responsible adult(s) must ensure that overcrowding doesn't take place on our equipment, we advise that no more that 8 children on the equipment at one time to minimise the risk of any injury occurring and/or damage to our equipment.


8. It is your responsibility to ensure that if the equipment is not being used during any part of the day that the equipment is deflated and that the blower is turned off at the mains and the remainder of any equipment kept reasonably safe and secure.


9. It is your responsibility to ensure that anybody with history of back or neck injuries, or any users that are feeling unwell or otherwise more likely to be injured are not allowed to use the equipment.


10. NO users on the equipment during inflation and deflation at any time as this can be very DANGEROUS.


11. Our equipment should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping area, or if there is no shower cover fitted. In the event of rain, the equipment should NOT be used.


12. If on the day of your hire there is heavy rain, strong winds or thunder storms, we strongly recommend that the equipment is switched off. Any wet areas including bubbling can be dried with a towel.


13. If for any reason our equipment stops working and begins to deflate, please ensure that all users get off the inflatable immediately. The equipment will have a safety reset butting, press this and also check that all fuses along with the blower tube or deflation tube has not loosened or that something is not obstructing the equipment. If the blower overheats or loses power, the blower must be turned off at the mains, left for 2-3 minutes and it should restart. If the equipment does not restart, please contact us directly and do not attempt to repair the equipment beyond the instructions above. We will not be liable for any injury however caused if you attempt to repair the equipment beyond the instructions above.


If there is anything that you are unsure of please don't hesitate to contact us.






Terms and Conditions

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